Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mini-update (fact list)

1. I've spent more time preparing for the wedding than I've been looking for a job.
2. Queen's University will take your money anyway they can.
3. Hamilton drivers are very aggressive.
4. Hamburgers have way more calories than most people realize.
5. I eat way too much pasta.
6. Time is money and many people will willingly take both.
7. I miss my blogger friends :(


Kick Ass Blogger!

Cormac just gave me a 'Kick Ass Blogger' award. Way cool ... thanks Cormac.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

And far away ...

Hi everyone!!!

Sorry for neglecting you guys. No posts, no comments, ... nothin. I've actually moved back to T.O. (the greater area anyway) and am looking for jobs. My access to internet is limited to cafes and the public library.

As soon as things settle, I will return ... and so will the regular-not-so-interesting posts :)


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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Because I'm a nerd like that

I have used just about every pen available on the market: ball point, fountain, gel, ... and even feather.

World's best pen: The Pilot G-TEC-C4

(Photo: courtesy of pigpogm)

Friday, August 15, 2008

A new kind of tag!!

So I know this stuff probably happens all the time but I hate it. And she's awesome and a way better writer than me. Check out Veronica's blog. She rocks! And losers who leave mean anonymous comments are ... well ... losers.

Instead of making up random questions and having people circulate them, this tag requires you to visit Veronica's site and leave her a nice comment. Tag a few of your own.

I tag:


If anyone else would like to join, feel free. Also note, this is one of the best posts I've ever read.

Smells like tuna

Is this fishy or is it just me??

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Questions for your answers

Often times I write these blogs without fully comprehending why it is I'm doing it. Is it a form of self-gratification? Perhaps. I write something, sometimes people respond and that feels good. Or maybe I'm a sheep, with dillusions of a sheppard and write with hopes of helping. Possible. Fun, that's another possibility. Blogging can be fun as is the meeting and greeting and sharing of ideas.

All very possible. But at 1 am, things have a way of looking different and somehow questions seem to answer themselves. I know I must be up at five ... four hours of sleep left ... potentially. That is, if I stop right now, press cancel, close my laptop, shut my eyes, forget about the world, forget about you ... and sleep.

Oh perceptive reader,
Read closely.
For often time
there is a message
between the line.

I am you
with a thousand pains
and not a single lie.

Deception is disease.
Deceive oneself.
Kill oneself.

It says only what you ask of it.
Do we then call it liar?
Nay, you feast upon it and vitiate it
And ask you then
Where is the light?

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Louie's Loose Tooth - After thoughts

I was initially intending to narrate a quick childhood story about the tooth fairy in my household but instead ended up with the post below. Quite honestly, I have no idea how or why that happened ... it just sort of did. Now if I only had someone to draw me up some illustrations ...

Anyway, we never really believed in the tooth fairy when we were kids. Instead, my mom would say if you threw the tooth high enough, the sun would reach down and catch it. She would throw it so high and far and we would watch in amazement and swear that we could see the sun move a little.

One day Louie actually found one of those astronomical teeth on our yard and mom had some serious explaining to do. She suggested that perhaps she wasn't strong enough anymore and that my oldest brother, Huey, would have to take her place. Huey took this task very seriously and would throw it with all his might. We never did find another tooth.

xoxox, love u mom!

Louie's Loose Tooth

I've noticed a few people have been blogging about teeth and fairies lately (eve, mm) so I thought I'd share a little story of my own.

I have three older brothers:
and Louie.

Louie lost a tooth
cause Louie ate an apple.
Then came Mother Goose
and the two began to grapple.

"Leave me my tooth!" lisped Louie.
"Leave me your tooth!" gasped Goose.

"Louie, give me your tooth or the moose on the loose will come here to roost" said Goose.
"A moose on the loose against four ducks and a goose?" gulped Louie.

Louie looked to his tooth
and then to the apple.
"The tooth goes to Goose
but I keep the Apple."

Goose took the tooth and aimed for the roof.
Watch Momma Goose throw beyond the roof
and into the sun where it will be more fun."

Thursday, August 7, 2008


So this is the last part of the 'To be, or not to be ...' series: foreword, contemplation, contentment and now confidence. Long overdue, I know, so I'll try and make it short and sweet.

We must first embrace truth and the notion that what we have and/or believe may not be it. Next we contemplate, about everything, and namely about ourselves: who we are and our relationship to our surroundings. Contemplation is about uncovering lies ... the lies that each and everyone of us tell ourselves everyday. Uncovering lies reveals truths. Once we come to terms with the truth, reality is much easier to accept (contentment). Finally, when a person is content, win or lose, you are ready ... for anything and everything. Your losses are as worthy as your wins because you give it your all and who can ask more than what you have to give? Fearless. Confidence.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Blog Help!!!

So I was just doing my daily rounds and for some reason when I click on any link in the 'Blog - My Favs' list, I get weird jumbled up jazz.

What's the deal? Can anyone help? I hate blogger.

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Tuesday, August 5, 2008


True story. It's Friday August 1st (long weekend) and I'm driving down the 403, west end Toronto. Traffic is tight and patience is thin. I'm in a real hurry you see ... I gots to see my baby. It's been 13 days, 19 hours, 37 minutes and 44, 45, 46 ... seconds since I last saw her. I hate long distance relationships.

There's some fool with a sharp haircut and dark sunglasses driving a white Chevy Impala and no hubcaps. Everyone mistakens him for a cop and traffic is even slower. In a desperate move, I switch lanes hoping to somehow get around him. No dice. Ten minutes go by and suddenly, I'm pulling ahead. Way ahead. I look behind me and the Impala is goosing it. Literally. There's a lone goose flying at eye level, leading the pack of cars including the Impala. The goose is working it, people are honking at it and I'm passing them all by.

Thanks goose. Best to stick with the skies.

Friday, August 1, 2008

The Pieces

In response to my previous post, Lou asked a very obvious and long over-due (on my part) question:

"For the great unwashed and uninformed, just what is your Masters going to be in?"

This came as a real surprise because I can't figure out how I managed to overlook this detail. Anyway ... (drum roll please) ...

I can fix one of these ...

I wear one of these ...

I own one of these ..And these ...
But would never get one of these ...

Who am I?? A mechanical engineer!!! And don't worry, contrary to popular belief, nerdiness is not THAT contagious.