Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Blog Help!!!

So I was just doing my daily rounds and for some reason when I click on any link in the 'Blog - My Favs' list, I get weird jumbled up jazz.

What's the deal? Can anyone help? I hate blogger.

(Courtesy of Red Hot Cuppa Politics)


LceeL said...

Assuming your running Internet Explorer, try going into Tools ... Internet Options and clearing cookies and Temporary files.

Then reboot.

queenie said...

Iceel, I think it has to do with the actual links, because if you hover over them, you'll notice that the link is for the feed, and not the site.
I don't use the new blogger, so I don't know what your widget/layout box for the blogroll is like, but is there a "feed link" box that you can check on/off? Maybe you'll just have to manually change the links in the blogroll widget.

neutron said...

Okay, this is just weird ... it seems to work intermittently. I checked last night and nothing, worked early this morning, stopped a little later and now it's working again.

Either way, I just cleared my cookies and temp files just in case.

Thanks guys!

Cormac Brown said...

Search me. I was trying to use my link list to get around my parent's unreasonable content firewall (everything in the world is banned because of alleged "adult" and "chat" content, including this) and it dumped me into a third party b.s. circle jerk.

The only I got here was clicking my statcounter.

neutron said...

My blog roll has completely disappeared at the moment. My bet is it'll be reappear in a few. No idea what's going on.

The firewall is blocking my blog?? I don't think I've used a single swear ... ever! Bummer.

Cormac Brown said...

I couldn't even sign out of my Gmail because it was "chat," then came the words that really should be banned.