Friday, July 18, 2008


How does one define contemplation (or rather the importance thereof) without stating the completely obvious? It is our ability to think, ponder, decide and resolve which separates us from other beings. It is our intellect and ability to contemplate which makes us masters of this world ... and of one another. But you all already knew that.

Contemplation ... my objective is not to define it but rather pose a series of questions. In theory, everyone is well aware of its importance but practice dictates otherwise. A very simple illustration of this is people and religion.

"The essence of any religion lies solely in the answer to the question: why do I exist and what is my relationship to the infinite universes that surrounds me?"
- Leo Tolstoy

By extension, this is the essence of not just religion but of each and every individual. Why do I exist and what is my relationship to my surroundings? Whether or not you consciously made this decision is irrelevant. Your judgement or lack thereof dictates all: beliefs, morals, conduct, ...

We are generally very quick to judge and categorize others but why is it such a struggle to do the same for ourselves? Terrorist, traditionalist, taoist ... but what about you? What are your beliefs? What defines you? And most importantly, how did you arrive at it?

Without proper contemplation, of the important things, how can we ever begin to understand ourselves let alone one another? Many people wish to hide from these questions, perhaps afraid of the fallout, but don't be ... think ... decide ... or someone else will for you.

I will conclude with a very interesting concept which I hope will motivate each and every one of you: life on Earth has no middle ground. Your decisions are decisions, your indecisions are decisions and your ignorance is one too. I'll illustrate. Clearly decisions are decisions, no explanation needed. But interestingly enough, choosing not to decide is also a decision. Example, two nations are at war. Both ask for your help and you choose neither. Although you are trying to remain bipartisan, your lack of action actually helps the stronger and in essence, you have decided to aid the stronger by not aiding the weaker. Ignornace falls directly into this category. Are you still doubtful? I challenge anyone and everyone, right and here and now, name me one thing that remains as it is. You train hard in the gym, what happens when you stop? Do you maintain? No, either you're gaining or losing. Apply this logic to anything (intelligence, wealth, happiness, ...). The middle does not exist ... so choose carefully, contemplate.


7aki Fadi said...


Eve Grey said...

My Irish grandmother was fond of saying "The road to Hell is paved with good intentions". Although just a tadlittle extreme...
There's also "Evil flourishes when good men do nothing" which is along the same lines.

queenie said...

That Tolstoy quote is great!
It's frustrating when people claim that they did something because they had no choice. Like you said, every action is a conscious decision and you choose to act or not.

Christy said...

Is that the box I'm thinking outside of????

I love your process, I love any process, I'm afraid the process is an addiction for me--"thinking about thinking".

But I believe if I had the courage to sync up my contemplative abilities with my actions, I'd be a force to be reckoned with.

neutron said...

Christy, haha, you're the first person to comment on that. I think we all have our moments, outside the box that is. I just wish we could do far more often.