Friday, August 15, 2008

Smells like tuna

Is this fishy or is it just me??

(Image: courtesy of candlerblue)


Christy said...

This is so wrong!

I would love to hear the full policemen's interviews about what they thought.

And I'd also like to know what they REALLY thought.....

I'm all about forgiveness, but I'm also all about the rule of FAIR law.

LceeL said...

When you in the Parish, boy, de judge be the LAW an' there ain' no way round dat, heah?

neutron said...

Christy, this all sounds very sketchy ... I mean they killed a mentally disabled person. MENTALLY DISABLED!! Guilty or not, intentional or not, there has to be some kind of accountability.

Lou, spicy ... I like it but I'm not going to even try. And yes, in a general sense, there is no way around that. But peaceful social unrest can go a long way.

Christy said...

Oh, agreed, agreed! Some kind of accountability.

I would also like to change the whole police mentality, sometimes.

But how to make them be supermen, when they see so such bad and get so jaded?

God knows, I couldn't do it.

If the cops were really confused about the shooting, got frazzled, I don't know.....but they prosecute civilians for manslaughter, for unintentionally killing someone, so the cops need to be held to an even higher standard, not a lower one, despite my sympathy for them and their stress.

(In case my earlier comment wasn't clear on all this.....)

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