Tuesday, August 5, 2008


True story. It's Friday August 1st (long weekend) and I'm driving down the 403, west end Toronto. Traffic is tight and patience is thin. I'm in a real hurry you see ... I gots to see my baby. It's been 13 days, 19 hours, 37 minutes and 44, 45, 46 ... seconds since I last saw her. I hate long distance relationships.

There's some fool with a sharp haircut and dark sunglasses driving a white Chevy Impala and no hubcaps. Everyone mistakens him for a cop and traffic is even slower. In a desperate move, I switch lanes hoping to somehow get around him. No dice. Ten minutes go by and suddenly, I'm pulling ahead. Way ahead. I look behind me and the Impala is goosing it. Literally. There's a lone goose flying at eye level, leading the pack of cars including the Impala. The goose is working it, people are honking at it and I'm passing them all by.

Thanks goose. Best to stick with the skies.


Eve Grey said...

I was in Toronto this weekend too! Did you go anywhere special?

queenie said...

That's a gutsy goose! (Say it ten times fast)

LceeL said...

Oh good, the goose was loose and flyin' at eye level. Only justice were he to drop a ton of turd on that guys Impala.

neutron said...

Eve, nothing too crazy but I met up with some of my old buddies and had a great bbq. Good times.

hhahaa, Queenie, that's awesome. Almost sounds like another language.

Lou, I couldn't agree more. But then again, I do love Impalas. Do cops drive Impalas in the states too or is that just a Canadian thing?

Cormac Brown said...

That was the goose that lays golden hubcaps.

neutron said...

oooow, I've always wanted one of those ;)