Monday, July 7, 2008

5AM Poetry - The Travelers Conundrum

I'm East of West
Yet West of East.

Neither here nor there.

I'm South of North
Yet North of South.

Nor there or there.

East calls me West
While West calls me East.

Per chance there and there.

And South calls me North
While North calls me South.

If not here then where?


coffeenista said...

Identity crisis, anyone? :)

neutron said...

Yeah, no kidding!

sweetmaggiemay said...

I like that one...I moved around a lot as a kid, and I RELATE!

neutron said...

sweetmaggiemay, I'm glad you commmented. Most people just don't understand ...

p.s. can i just call u maggie?

maggie's mind said...

Yep, been there. And here. And then there again. :)