Thursday, July 3, 2008

People being people.

Sometimes you meet mean people and wonder, what's their problem.

Other times you meet normal people and think, they're nice.

And then you meet exceptional people and it strikes you, aren't they special?!

Exceptional doesn't even have to be good, it's just special. For example, a person can be an exceptionally bad cook. So bad that they're special and you never forget them. Another example, take this guy that I know, he's nice, considerate but over analyzes everything. Kinda hippyish in behaviour, going around calling things deep that aren't really deep. Thing is, he does this in a very special way, like saying something is deep and since he said it, by correlation he must also be deep.

Get off it man. You're special but not in a way that would make most proud. And now I'm going to remember you forever ... do our brains have a delete button?


chika said...

I am seriously finding it hard right now thinking people are good.. I don't like people!

neutron said...

Oh come on chika, don't get so down. Most people are crazy but there are some good ones out there too.

Besides, nobody likes posers. Especially those who hide behind the internet and slander others.

Keepin it real ...

maggie's mind said...

Hahaha, so true about exceptional being memorable, whether for good reasons or bad reasons. :)