Monday, May 12, 2008

Toiletries and other fun stuff.

After living the last seven years in a small city, I’ve come to learn a thing or two. Like how contrary to popular belief, you can still get around without a car or functioning public transit. Out here, we walk everywhere. Yes, it’s true, things are a little more spread out and it is admittedly a little harder to get around, but it’s no deterrent. Take me for example, I walk 2.5 km (each way) to and from campus, add 2.5 for groceries or 5 if I want the higher quality stuff and another 4 km for any sidetracks and detours (dinner and a movie, etc.). In any given day, I can be anywhere from 5-14 km (that’s 3.1-8.7 miles for my American friends). And that doesn’t even include all the little stuff in between.

It isn’t all glory though. I go through shoes like no tomorrow. I bought a new pair just eight months ago, six of which have been winter (so I didn’t wear them) and I already need new ones. Oh, and I’m not all posh about it either. I mean I hold on for as long as I can. Like really really. Like I’ve been single handedly supporting the local cobbler and his seven children really.

Another thing is groceries … toilet paper is a classic example. Walking down the street with a Charmin’s 30 pack of double rolls is not exactly the best way to make new friends (or keep old ones). You’ve got to blend it in. Don’t just buy toilet paper, buy a few other odds and ends. I find that a big bright orange box of tide works best. Other detergents work well too. Beans are suicide. Ciao!!


Eve Grey said...

Hey good for you for all that walking. You're getting exercise, not harming the environment & you don't have to worry about gas prices right?
I live in a university town too.

neutron said...

Yeah, it's been a real life changer coming here. Does that sound cheesy? I swear, it's true ... I don't think I would have ever made these changes otherswise.

Eve Grey said...

Where do you live now & where did you come from?