Monday, May 19, 2008

Camping and stuff.

I hate using mosquito repellents when I go camping. It just seems like cheating and besides, isn't the point of camping to get away from all these things?? (me)

"Yeah, I guess so. I've heard lavender works well. I mean, I've heard it's a natural alternative." (friend)

Hmm, I like things that are natural ... and alternatives.

"You can even buy sunscreen with this stuff too. Double purpose you know."

Interesting, maybe I'll give it a shot. You're a pal. I don't know what I'd do without you.


Well, one thing is for sure, I definitely wouldn't have got 32 mosquito bites without you. Warning everyone - lavender sunscreen is not a natural repellent and doesn't work. After a 2.5 hour hike, my face was left slightly disfigured and riddled with bites. Everywhere I applied sunscreen was attacked mercilessly.

Aside from the hiking massacre, the trip was a hit. We went to Bon Echo provencial park and stayed at a campsite right next to Mazinah Lake. The water is fresh, the cliffs are monumental and the scenary is breathtaking. Having said that, the part I like best is the people. For some reason, I find campers to be the most friendly. Maybe it's more of a solidarity thing. I suppose it's hard not to like people who like what you like. Did I forget to mention the word 'like'?

We canoed, kayaked and even did a little rock climbing. It was still a little too cold for swimming but I took a quick dip anyhow. (Sigh) --- I feel great and very grounded at the moment (ouch, no pun intended). If you've never gone camping before, get out there and try it. If you've already gone before, then what are you waiting for?

(pics will be up in a few days)


Eve Grey said...

I love camping sooo much. We went to cottage this weekend which is almost as good.

neutron said...

I love hitting the cottage every now and again. Any recommendations?

Sandy said...

Mosquitoes.. eek!
All I have to do is put my big toe outside and they are swarming around me.
I have never had much luck with essential oils as repellents.
Sounds like you had a great time!

coffeenista said...

Maybe you're just "attractive"... pun intended :)

neutron said...

lol, yes coffeenista, very "attractive" ... and apparently bug friendly too ;)