Wednesday, May 7, 2008

i hate indoor picnics ...

so i get to talkin to my bestest best buddy last night. strangest thing - went something like this ...

"so my office is kinda throwing us an indoor picnic tomorrow. actually a potluck, should be fun."
hmm ... so what you're saying is you're going to eat food you all already own and are being forced to spend your lunch hour in the office.
"no baby, you don't understand - it's a picnic!"
"with checkered picnic mats."
on a boardroom table.
baby, that's like saying let's go star gazing in my basement.
(long silence ...)


Doug Johnson said...

To make it a real picnic somebody needs to turn on the overhead sprinklers. :-)

neutron said...

Doug, that's a great idea. Totally would've complemented the nature scenes they had running on the projector.