Monday, June 9, 2008

t-shirt prize submissions.

Hi everyone,

Sorry about the delay. I was in Toronto this weekend and literally just got back in. Needless to say my prof is going to be really pissed but ah well ... I'd choose a blue jays game and a weekend with my honey any day.

Time for the submissions, yahooo!!! Here's the original piece followed by your work ...

"I like chocolates. And strawberries. Sometimes together and sometimes alone. I looked at his face one last time before I ..."

... served him his coffee and scone. - ryanloghry

... scooped up a massive handful of chocolate covered strawberries (this was one of those time when I liked them together) & squished them right between his eyes. He looked at me with his mouth agape; strawberry seeds, red juice & chocolate slowly dripping down his face. I looked at him & laughed quietly & cruelly. It felt good. I had a fleeting thought that I may not enjoy this delectable treat in the future as much as I once did. But then again, maybe it would taste even sweeter. - eve grey

... decided to speak. I open my mouth but take a bite of the strawberry in my hand, instead. Did it have to be this hard? Why couldn’t I just say it? He knows what I’m about to say, he can sense it. Why else would he invite me over for fondue, out of all things to eat? It’s like a metaphor, for something, not sure what though. Maybe chocolate is like dark, evil stuff. And strawberries are good things, full of life. And Good Stuff is sometimes covered/obscured by Evil Stuff, so blessings in disguise? Gosh, that’s such a crappy metaphor, it doesn’t make any sense! Okay, time for take two.

“So…umm, yeah”. So eloquent.

“Yees?” He says.

“You’re right.” There, I said it.

“Right about what sweetheart?”

“You’re actually going to make me say it?”

“I’m quite sure I don’t know what you mean.” He’s actually going to make me say it.

“Chocolate-covered strawberries taste good, okay?! They taste GREAT! Orgasmic even! I was blind but now I SEE! They’re a perfect harmonious couple! The tangy with the sweet, the crunchy with the smooth! It’s bloody heavenly!”

“Oh, that. I already knew that.”

Then he eyed me, “You on the other hand, taste way more than ‘great’….” - coffenista


Here's a little something I came up with. It's not included in the contest but I'd still like to know what you think.

... started sewing the pieces back together. They think they can take him away from me - NEVER!!! I love him and ever more. Little by little, I'll put you back together. First the arms and then the legs. Oh not the head, why did they have to touch the head? Don't worry my sweety, I'll make it all better. Wait, I hear footsteps ... someone's coming ... someone's at the door.

Oh, hi mom, I thought it was ... someone else.

"Sweetheart, aren't you a little old to be playing with stuffed animals?"

MOM!!! Ziggy is my favourite and I've had him since I was a little girl. Besides, who gave those brats permission to enter my room let alone hack poor Ziggy to pieces? pfff, animals ...

"I know honey. I'll talk to them later. Darling, have you seen my chocolate covered strawberries? You know how I am, I gotta have my chocolate covered strawberries."

Gulp - umm yeah ... the strawberries ... I think I saw the brats eating some earlier.

"ma-choc-lat-cova-straw-berr ... waaaaaAAAAAAA! PAIN, PAIN!!!!!! You're going to pay you little BASTARDS!!!!" (turns into crazy monster and runs off)

Phew, she's finally gone. Revenge is bitter sweet ... kinda like chocolate covered strawberries. Yes it is my little Ziggy, isn't it?? - neutron


Eve Grey said...

i like it Neutron. That's a twist I didn't see coming!

neutron said...

Thanks eve. Came up with it on my train ride back to Kingston. Good way to pass the time.