Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Fun with the sun.

I wonder what farmers think of the farmer’s tan. Are they as conscious about it as the rest of us? On the other hand, what if it’s a status symbol in the farming community? A token of how hard a worker the person is. I somehow see big barrel chested men walking around with their sleeves rolled up --just high enough for the ladies to take a peak. “OOoooooowww, did you see his tan?? It makes a transition as sharp as a knife … he MUST be good in bed”.

What about in other countries, south of here? I suppose they don’t even get tans (or at least not very obvious ones). I suppose a farmer’s tan would be novel in those regions as well. Mainly because it would be such a rare thing. For better or worse, the fact remains, we often see things through a distorted lens when it's considered rare. I see a slightly self-conscious guy walking home after a long day in the fields. All the other men chuckle and wonder why his skin looks something like Neapolitan ice-cream while all the women think to themselves, “mmm … Neapolitan ice-cream”.

So, I’m a city guy and have a huge farmer’s tan at the moment … and proud of it. You may not like it --but people all over the world do. As for my fiancée, for some reason she insisted I wear a t-shirt to bed after installing some new ultra high powered light bulbs. Beats me (?) …


Cecile said...

My Husband has a farmers tan but he's no farmer he is a hard working contractor building houses and in and out of the sun in the deep south of Georgia!
Take care .

coffeenista said...

You're right, having a tan gives off the impression that you've been out, working hard on something, and you're healthy and full of energy. And it's those ideas behind the tan that makes it so attractive.

Hmm, Neopolitan ice cream.