Thursday, December 11, 2008

I take long showers

While in the shower the other day,
early in the morning,
while all else were asleep,
I thought to myself

Dreams are for those who wake up to achieve them ...

In retrospect, the same probably applies to those who don't spend so much time in the shower.


LceeL said...

Huh?? I like long showers, too. And aside from the wrinkles, I don't see a downside, at all. On the other hand, do you suppose that's what my Drill Instructor was referring to when he used to wake us in the morning by screaming into the barracks "WAKE UP AND PEE!! tHE WORLD'S ON FIRE!!"

Eve Grey said...

Long showers rock.

neutron said...

Lou, sounds like one hardcore drill instructor ... I guess that's sort of the idea.

And Eve, yes, long showers totally rock!!